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Hi, I’m Howard McEwen. I created this blog to keep track of and share my personal interests. Those include writing, beekeeping, cocktails and providing radio financial commentary.

Click over to the BLOG tab to find out the latest posts on all of those subjects and whatever else happens to catch my interest.

Click over to the WRITINGS tab to find out about my books and stories. All of them are on for download to your Kindle. Some are in softcover. They include Wrath – the life and assassination of a United States Governor, the forthcoming Daddy Issues and a series of novelettes called The Prescott Carmichael Jaunts. Wrath and Daddy Issues are pretty heavy stuff but the Jaunts are light and frothy.

Interested in beekeeping then click on the BEEKEEPING tab. I’m a few years into this hobby. I’m doing things, trying things and making mistakes and learning along the way. I hope that I’m more of a help to the bees than a detriment. Maybe in time, I will be.

The COCKTAILS tab will have some recipes, some videos, some reviews of my cocktails, and some thoughts on cocktail culture.


Forthcoming New Novel from Howard McEwen, Daddy Issues

In suburban Kentucky a flawed, selfish man, Wagner Seibenthaler, builds a life for himself. He appears to be a success with a loving wife and a young daughter. He owns his own business, has contacts at city hall and friends on the police department.

Yet when the realities of being a suburban husband and father in the twenty-first century intrude into his fragile psyche, cracks appear, pressures build and the resulting explosion rocks the Kentucky landscape.

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