Why U.S. Newspapers are Dying

Mark Steyn explains here.  To wit: they are boring.  While Americans have some of the best entertainment – my god, even our tv commercials are great!  Who watches the superbowl for football – newspapers haven’t a trace of humor or personality – much less insight.  I’ve said this for a long, long time. Mark Steyn says it better.  As Mr. Steyn says….

If you’re conservative, you don’t read them because they’re biased. If you’re an informed leftie, you don’t read them because they don’t have the gleeful partisan brio of the Daily Kos or the Huffington Post. And, if you’re apolitical, you don’t read them because they’re just incredibly boring.

Writers Write

Writers write.  They don’t think about what they have to write.  They don’t concoct scenarios.  They don’t busy themselves with websites.  They write.  I’ve done too little of that lately and need to get back at it.

Xavier Basketball Coach Speaks

For Immediate Release
Howard McEwen, CFA, Interim President, Cincinnati Museum of Athletics (859) 803-8482, howard@howardmcewen.com

Chris Mack to Speak at the

Cincinnati Athletic Club

Xavier University Head Men’s Basketball Coach Addresses Cincinnati Museum of Athletics Speaker Series

CINCINNATI – The Cincinnati Museum of Athletics (CMA) welcomes Chris Mack, Xavier University Head Men’s Basketball Coach for a Speaker Series event on Tuesday, May 26th at the Cincinnati Athletic Club, 111 Shillito Place, Cincinnati, OH 45202. The event begins at 5:00 PM with Coach Mack scheduled to speak at approximately 6:00 PM.

Come enjoy a great night of cocktails, hors d’oeurves and find out more about Xavier’s new Head Basketball coach and basketball program in his first public appearance since being named head coach.

The Cincinnati Museum of Athletics and new leadership of the CMA are excited to bring you this free event and appreciate your support.

Seating is limited to one hundred persons and you must RSVP by calling 513-241-0096, or by emailing dan@cincinnatiathleticclub.com.

About the Cincinnati Museum of Athletics

The mission of the Cincinnati Museum of Athletics is to celebrate, recognize, foster, and promote athletics of all types in the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area, including high school, collegiate, professional, recreational, seniors, and otherwise. The CMA is a non-profit organization with permanent displays located in the historic Cincinnati Athletic Club.

# # #

In 1853 a group of young men came together with an idea; an idea of transforming the lives of those who lived and worked in Cincinnati. Their goal was to improve their overall health, well-being, and day to day lives at both work and at home. And these young visionaries saw the growing athletics movement as a way of achieving their aim. Their organization, then known as the Young Men’s Gymnastic Association (YMGA), would transform both themselves and their community and subsequently become a landmark institution in Cincinnati.

Over the years the organization has gone through many transformations, changing both its name and location on several occasions. Many notable Cincinnati personalities have been members, including US presidents Rutherford B. Hayes, James A Garfield, Benjamin Harrison, and William Howard Taft. The Cincinnati Athletic Club, as the group is now known, constructed the current building in 1903. The building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and was designed by Cincinnati firm Warner & Adkins.

Today the Cincinnati Athletic Club is home to Cincinnati’s best and brightest in business, politics, education and the professions. As the oldest athletic organization in the country, the Cincinnati Athletic Club has set the standard in athletic and fitness excellence for over 150 years. The Cincinnati Athletic Club has a rich history of athletic competition, and community involvement and offers Cincinnati a broad range of fitness facilities to improve the lives of its citizens. For information, call 1-513-241-0096 or visit www.cincinnatiathleticclub.com

Grammar Geek-Good Site/Article

Required English course book The Elements of Style turns 50 this year.  The Weekly Standard has a good write up of folks who thing is “bossy”.  I’ll confess that I’ve never owned a copy (as some of my editors will attest), but have thumbed through it and borrowed it a few times.  I hate rules.

For some grammar rules and history, I just heard about this site that offers up a grammar/word question a day.  Take a look.

Manuel Terron’s Margarita Story

Manuel Terron, who hosts Mixing with the Best and Cocktail Diaries on Fine Living and Discovery Networks in the USA sent me the following about the origin of the cocktail.  It takes away from what my Aunt Margie said, but who knows….You can see clips from his show at his company website here, but you should definitely TIVO them.

“Hi Howard, mate I am so sorry that this info is getting to you rather late but there are a number of stories surrounding the myth of the Margarita. The one I told on the show revolves around the Carlos Herrera at Rancho La Gloria who developed the drink for a young Ziegfeld Follies starlet, Marjorie King that was allergic to other alcohols and only drank tequila.  As this was not considered very ladylike in 1935, she asked him to come up with a cocktail that had tequila as the main ingredient. So Carlos added sweet for her voice, lime to match her green dress and he shook it up like she would shake it up on the dance-floor then rimmed a glass with salt to symbolize the halo over this angel head and gave it the Spanish derivation of her name, Margarita.
I’m glad last night was a success, I hope the Pimms night is just as good.  Let me know if I can help out in any way you can also email me on xxxxx.  Cheers!”


It’s Margarita night tomorrow night.  We’ll try to post the food menu later, but here’s the drink recipe:

1 1/2 oz Tequila – we’ll use Cuervo Gold
1 oz triple sec – we use Patrone’s Citronge
3/4 oz fresh lime juice

This is a bit dryer that what most people expect a Margarita.  The Citronge also adds a bit of fire as compared with Cointreau or Grand Marnier – but we like it.  We used bottle lime juice and the taste just wasn’t as fresh or bright as it needed to be.  Alicia tried it once with sweetened lime juice (Rose’s makes a good one) and it was more in line with what people would expect, but I’ll stand by the recipe above.  Don’t forget to rim your glass with Kosher salt.

Plant-A-Seed/School Support

Hello All,
I need a favor:  Kellogg’s cereal has a great program called Plant-A-See where they are offering to rebuild high school playing fields across the country.  This is community driven – from 1000s nominated the top 30 schools (as determined by on-line voting) will have their fields rebuilt.  Bellevue Kentucky’s Gilligan Stadium is currently number 31.  This is the only area school in the finals.  We could use your help by getting your vote on-line.  Alicia and I have one daughter who will be marching with the band on the field and one daughter who will be cheering on it’s sidelines.  Both girls would love new turf.

The link is here.  Click on the search box and type in our zip code: 41073.  http://www.frostedflakes.com/#/plant-a-seed/

You can log a vote once a day under each of your email addresses.  If we win, you’ll be able to see your vote go to work when you drive into Kentucky across the Big Mac Bridge – you can see Gilligan Stadium is on the east of I-471.

Thanks for your help.

L’esprit de l’escalier

As a 39-year old word guy, it’s nice to come across a word or phrase I didn’t know existed.  That happened today with l’esprit de l’escalier.  That looks prettier than “Wayhomer” which is the expression I use (something funny you think of on the way home).   I say looks because I have no idea how to pronounce anything French.  Wikipedia says the German have the same expression.  It’s Treppenwitz.  That’s easy enough to pronounce.  Maybe we should come up with an English expression.  Would “jerkstore” do?

Sexually Oriented Hardware Store Visit

I went to the the Home Depot last week to look over some stuff for the Great Bathroom Retiling of 2009.  Awful event.  It was delayed this weekend and will commence next.  Anyway, I got distracted by HD’s huge assortment of hose.  Some Johnny Eager worker came up to me and started to advice me on a hose purchase.  “This one is kink free,” he said.  The hose was $27 for 50′.   So I replied, “If I’m gonna get some hose, they might as well be cheap hose and I’d definitely want them kinky.”

He turned on his heals and walked away.

On Juggling and Humanity

Here’s the best lesson I learned about humanity:

When I was 14 or so I learned to juggle. The first thing out of people’s mouths (who can’t juggle) isn’t “Can you teach me?”, but “Pft, yeah, three, but can you do four?”.  So I learned four.  To which people say “pft, yeah, but can you do those clubs.”  So I learned to juggle clubs (and still know how – I tried this weekend).  So they say “Pft, yeah but can you do flaming chain saws?”

Lesson: People are crap – especially to those people who actually do something.  I want to surround myself with positive, active people.  I’ve done a good job of it the last few years.  I’ve learned they are few and far between, but they are looking for other positive active people so we find each other.