War and Peace – Book Five My 2019 Reading Project

The man himself

So I’m come deep into War and Peace now – over a third of the way through.

The characters are no longer new. I know Pierre will be Pierre. A chump. Boris is politicking. Nick is still a rich boozer and looser but they are all trying to reform. Andrew is a depressive but I think that won’t last.

There is some changes afoot. But their final turns and their climaxes are a far way off still…And I’ve decided to quit aspartame and caffeine!

But the story keeps pulling me along. Tolstoy would fit right in with the Golden Age of TV writing, working in great stories as well as profound lessons you’d be able to talk over with your smarter friends. I’ll keep reading.


This is a brilliant guide, btw: https://medium.com/@BrianEDenton/a-year-of-war-and-peace-cc66540d9619

Cento Skinless & Boneless Sardines in Olive Oil

Country: Morocco
Calories: 195

Nose: Not office safe. Very aromatic.

Eye: Yucky. So charmless without any bones or skin.

Fork Feel: Crumbly.

Tongue: It tastes more like sardines that most boneless and skinless sardines do. That’s nice.

Mouth Feel: A tad meally.

Crown Prince Wild Caught Skinless & Boneless Sardines in Water

Country: Morocco
Calories: 140

Note: It’s Valentine’s Day and I made a reservation at a place known for their fried chicken. Yes, it will be romantic! So with that meal in mind I went with the most boring of the can of sardines…skinless, boneless and in water. What it lacks in character, I’m sure it will lack in taste but also in calories.

Nose: A bit fishy but nothing too pungent.

Eye: Blah.

<Oprah voice> “BOOOORING”

Fork Feel: Firm. That’s nice.

Tongue: Wet fish with no crunch or character. I’ll get my flavor tonight.

Mouth Feel: You have to chew it, not much. Otherwise, no sensation at all.

Cole’s Sardines Wild Sardines in Olive Oil

Country: Morocco
Calories: 320

Nose: This can is Tycho Brahe. No nose at all. Very office safe.

Eye: I’m back to big chunky sardines. That’s nice. These look like good, honest sardines.

Big chunky.

Fork Feel: They’re mushy. I can’t get a fork hold on them before they come apart.


Tongue: Taste ok. A little bland.

Mouth Feel: Not a lot of texture. Almost like they’ve been deboned.

RugenFisch Smoked Kieler Sprats in vegetable oil and own juice

Country: Germany
Calories: 336

Nose: A very spicy smell when opening the can. I can’t really tell what spicy however. Maybe the beechwood smoke that is listed on the ingredients list.

Eye: I expected a bit more orderliness from my first can of German sardines.

Fork Feel: These are tough sprats (brisling sardines). They stand up to being forked pretty well. They almost feel like a dried fish.

Mouth Feel: The fins are tough on the cheeks and gums – pokey.

Tongue: They taste as if they are a dried fish and then canned in oil also. I don’t dislike them, just a bit different than I’m accustomed to. Very unique.