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Many years ago, my mind starting thinking about cocktails. I was a grown man in my 30s with a wife, two kids, a mortgage and a career. But I knew squat about cocktails. So I went to a few nice bars and ordered things I’d heard about – Martinis, Manhattans,well, after that I was about done. But I tasted these and they were horrible….and expensive.

So, as I often do, I bought a book – a cocktail book. I bought some bottles. I started mixing at home. These were wonderful. What I learned was that the state of cocktail culture in Cincinnati at the time just plain sucked. So I hosted some parties and now I do a little bartending around town, just for fun.

The Rob Roy
Dark ‘N Stormy
Moscow Mule
Simple Egg Nog
Classic Manhattan
Pomegranate Manhattan
Vodka Martini
French Martini
Vintage Sidecar
Marty Jack
Blood and Sand
Lavender Honey Margarita
Pimm’s Cup
Bee’s Knees

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