Goya Premium Baby Sardines in Oil

Country: Morocco
Calories: 240


Note: I don’t feel great about eating BABY sardines but I’ll do it.

Nose: They smell like baby sardines. The oil is sunflower so there’s not much stank to it.

Eye: They look like baby sardines. But if they were called Brisling they’d be awesome looking.

Ahhhhh Look at the babies!!!

Fork Feel: I feel like I’m stabbing babies…baby sardines. Remarkably like Brisling sardines. A bit soft but that’s ok for these small guys.

Tongue: They taste like baby sardines…nice and fishy. The oil is good and light.

Mouth Feel: I feel like I have baby sardines in my mouth. And I love it. Since starting to eat more Brisling sardines I’m becoming partial to their lighter flavor and texture.