La Sirena Sardines in Tomato Sauce

Country: Product of Thailand
Calories: 130

Note: I didn’t pay enough attention to most of the traits of this because the cylindrical shape of the can made me nervous about dripping tomato sauce on my clothes.

Nose: Not much comes to the nose from this can.

Eye: You can’t see much in the tube! It’s a reddish mystery.

Fork Feel: Once you get a fish on the fork, it’s got a firm feel, if you like to keep your fish as whole as possible, it takes a couple times to learn how to wiggle them out correctly.

Tongue: The tomato sauce tastes rich and feels thick. It compliments the fishies very nicely. I mean, as far as canned fish and tomato sauce go.

Mouth Feel: Firm fish. Decent sauce. Maybe a bit bland but I was a little nervous to try the spicer varieties on a Monday.