Reese Lightly Smoked Sardines in 100% Olive Oil

Country: Morocco
Calories: 20

A nominee for the ugliest sardine package I’ve encountered.

Nose: Nice, clean fish smell with a bit of the fruity olive oil smell. A good lunch at the office.

They look better in the can than the package does.

Eye: The fish looks better than the package it came in.

Fork Feel: A thick feeling fish that holds up to the fork. I do prefer oil based cans of sardines. The fishy sucks up the oil to make them seem nicer to hold.

Tongue: This olive oil isn’t as flowery as some. I still think I prefer a more neutral oil so I get more of the true fish taste but this one is nicer. The box doesn’t say extra virgin so maybe that’s the difference.

Mouth Feel: Full feeling in the mouth. Firm to the tooth. Filling in the stomach.

Hello little fishy tail.