Crown Prince Natural Wild Caught Brisling Sardines Hand Packed in Mustard

Country: Scotland (ah, sardines of my forefathers)
Calories: 210

They don’t mention WHICH crown prince. Why?

Nose: a nice combination of mustard and fish. The mustard is soft smelling (if that’s a thing)

Eye: I can’t see the fish! Oh, there they are. Under the mustard.

This can comes with a whole lotta mustard.

Fork Feel: The fish are softened up by the vinegar but not too much.

Tongue: The mustard may smell soft but it’s a bit spicy…consults the box for ingridients…oh, yes, there are some other spices in there. I think too much mustard for the fish involved. I can smell the fish but not taste it so much. I can taste mustard, however, and only mustard.


Mouth Feel: The smaller brisling have to be given a bit of a break for not having the crunch of their bigger brothers. I like the crunch but you can’t really fault this can for not having it. You can fault it for having too much mustard to wash out of my mouth. Yowzers.