Riga Sprats in Oil

Country: Latvia (I’m assuming)
Calories: 540

My first round can of sardines! And in my high school colors of Black and Gold!

Nose: They are packed in a neutral oil-the can says vegetable or rapeseed oil so a very fresh fish smell comes through nicely. Wow!

Eye: So very pretty. I assume these are machine packed but how does a machine not tear them up. Even the tail fins are left fairly intact.

So orderly.

Fork Feel: Since they are the itty-bitty ones, they tend to fall off the fork easily so you have to be gentle.

Tongue: Glorious. Light on the tongue. A touch of texture. A bit of a smoky aftertaste

Mouth Feel: The oil slick holds in the mouth more than the smoky fish flavor does. I’d recommend a drink to cut through that – maybe something citrus based.

They stand up pretty well on the fork. And you can eat them two at a time!