Wild Planet Wild Sardines in Soybean Oil

Country: Canada
Calories: 130

I like a can not fussed up with sustainable b.s. Just good, honest fish.

Nose: A bit fishy. A bit oily. To me, this is the classic way to eat sardines at the office. A good solid lunch.

Eye: So pretty. An honest look. Not mishandled. Not stripped of flavor giving bones or skin. They aren’t tarted up with mustard or tomato sauce or spices. Just fish and a bit of oil.

Shiney, happy fishes.

Fork Feel: Firm but giving. Not tough. I think the soy oil softens the fish just enough. It’s a nice texture.The bones give it a nice crunch

Highly forkable fish

Tongue: The honest taste of the fish is nice. Not overwhelmed or covered up with anything else.

Mouth Feel: Oily and filling.The taste lingers in the mouth. You only eat 130 calories but you won’t feel like eating the rest of the day. Some crackers might complete the meal with some extra texture. I’m happy.