Northern Catch Sardines in Mustard Sauce

You know it’s mustard because the can has yellow!

Country: Canada
Calories: 140

Notes: This is the Aldi store brand. My college student daughter like Aldi so I have high hopes.


Nose: Mustardy. The last sardines in mustard I had were more vinegary while this has that the mustard carries through more..

Eye: The fish looks a bit beat up. And they don’t fill the can. It says it’s the same (3.75 oz) as other cans but….. Oh, and the mustard is all on one side of the can. Maybe someone tossed the box around a bit in shipping.

Fork Feel: The fish are crumbly. Maybe the mishandling got to them. Every time I try to stab a fishy with my fork it falls apart so there’s lots of scooping and when I scoop there’s the chance of mustard covered fish falling onto my shirt. I don’t appreciate that.

Tongue: I’m not a mustard guy but this has a brown mustard flavor to it which I do appreciate. It compliments the fish.

Mouth Feel: They are dry, unpleasantly so.