Wild Planet Wild Sardines in Water with Sea Salt

Country: North Pacific
Calories: 140

Nose: Nothing but the smell of sardines from this can. Open this up on your front porch and the neighborhood cats will come running.

I find the blue package calming.

Eye: Oil does give it a bit of a sheen but otherwise, they look like little fishes. And I like eating little fishes.

I love that dirty water…..

Fork Feel: I thought the salt water would soften them up but not so. They are meaty little guys.

Tongue: They aren’t as filling as ones that come with oil. I miss the umami but I could see using these in a recipe where I was adding my own fat.

Mouth Feel: Not too salty at all. As I’ve been told, salt makes things taste more like themselves and it’s true. These sardines taste very sardine-y which I like.