Wild Planet Wild Sardines in Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Lemon-Lightly Smoked

Country: North Pacific (processed in Vietnam. Hey, so was my dad!)
Calories: 170

Nose: None whatsoever. The office grumps are not going to yell at you for this one.

Eye: A slice of lemon right on top. That’s nice. These Wild Planet guys just look healthy and fresh to my untrained eye.

Beauty shot!

Fork Feel: A little soft, actually. As in other tastings, I think a bit of acid/lemon does that. But it’s not too bad. I prefer it to be meatier and oiler so I’d go without the citrus but I wouldn’t turn it down if offered.

I eat well.

Tongue: I’m not getting too much of the lemon. Maybe just an overall lightening of the taste but that’s it. There’s no citrus taste to it.

Mouth Feel: A slight amount of mealiness which I sometimes find it lemon flavored sardines. It’s bordering on dry but not there at all. Just flirting with dry.

Handled with such care I had to take it out of the can.