King Oscar Kipper Snacks Lightly Smoked Herring Fillets

Country: Canada
Calories: 160

Old Beardy is Back!

Note: Man cannot live by sardines alone. I usually go for sardines simply because I try to eat fish at lunch every day. While I’m not one to be afraid of my food, mercury is a thing and sardines are at the bottom of the mercury chain (and cheap!) so they are my normal go to.

Nose: Fishy! Not really office friendly. Then again, neither am I.

Eye: These are some pretty fish.I like it when fish look like fish. These do. They aren’t tarted up to look like something they’re not.

Apparently the Brits eat with eggs. I’m going to have to try that.

Fork Feel: Packed like Marie Kondo had a go at them. Very tidy.

Tongue: Kippers taste like kippers. These taste like kippers. I don’t have much kipper tasting experience however. I like how these taste. It seems a good honest working man taste. I like that for lunch.

Mouth Feel: Very pleasant to the mouth. Almost meaty which is pleasing. I don’t appreciate a wimpy fish.