Wild Planet Wild Sardines in Extra Virgin Olive Oil Lightly Smoked

Country: “Sustainable caught in the north Pacific” it says on the front. But then on the end in small print the box says “processed in Thailand” which isn’t the north Pacific. Whatevs.
Calories: 170

Ok, ladies, smile for the camera.
Hey, cute can.

Nose: A healthy, fresh fish smell hits you upon top popping. Nice.

These are some pretty fish. No really. Vitiligo aside, they look nice.

Fork Feel: They hold together well. They aren’t over packed and thus crushed into mealiness.

Tongue: I don’t get the smoke flavor that’s advertised on the box. Nor much flavor at all. They’re somewhat bland. I guess you could call it mild. Or you could call it boring.

Mouth Feel: I’m getting dry. How is an oily fish packed in oil dry? I’m disappointed.

Note: I’m always a bit leery of products that have the words “Planet” and “sustainable” and the like highlighted on them. I never know of they mean anything or are just marketing. For instance, why the paper sleeve for the metal can here? Other companies don’t need it.

All our cans get a special marketing wrapper that makes the mark up worthwhile.