Chicken on the Sea Sardines in Louisiana Hot Sauce

Country: Product of Poland
Calories: 120

Note: I go into this with some trepidation. I’m not a ‘hot sauce’ guy. This is due to two facts. One, I just don’t get ‘hot’ when it comes to food. What’s the point of heat? I never got it. Two, I always identified “hot sauce” with a certain chicken wing sucking, overbearing, frat boy, Midwestern backward baseball cap wearing, obnoxious aesthetic that I’d always found a bit off-putting.

But I saw this in the store and figured it was time to get past my bigotry. Plus, I’d garnered some courage recently at a Chinese hot pot restaurant when I survived some spicy broth. So here I go.

Nose: A touch of vinegar in the air but not as heavy as I was expecting.

Eye: Uh-oh, there’s red in my sardine can! And what looks to be a slice of onion and bits of…spicy. After a few bits I realize I’m just not a fan of red sardines. I just close my eyes and tuck in.

Fork Feel: They seem little softer. Maybe it’s the use of vinegar over oil. They’re still the same as my favorite can from yesterday. And thick feeling.

Tongue: They are not nearly as hot as I was fearing. I’ve changed my diet recently in a few ways and my taste buds have changed with it. Maybe it’s part of that. But I’m able to endure ‘hot’ better but this doesn’t seem that hot. It’s reminiscent of the taco sauce they used to give us back in middle school (when tacos were considered ethnic food) – a watered down, vinegary pepper sauce.

Mouth Feel: The sauce flavor lingers much longer than the sardine flavor. It repeats on me which is not office friendly. Thankfully I have no afternoon meetings today.