Chicken on the Sea Sardines in Oil and Lightly Smoked

Country: Product of Poland (why can’t they say caught in Poland?)
Calories: 150

Hello, old friend!

Note: This has been my go-to can of sardines for the past year. I’ve eaten it every week day. So it should be familiar but I’ve also eaten them mindlessly so paying them some attention will be new.

Nose: The oil is soybean – that stuff they grow in Indiana – so not much smell. There is a smokiness to it but it’s not like these went over a romantic smoldering process. It’s a “smoke” flavoring. Still ok.

Eye: Some good, honest looking cuts of sardines. Nothing too fancy. Skin and bones. They whacked the heads and tails for ya but otherwise, thems good, healthy eatin’.

A good, honest can of sardines.

Fork Feel: I like these because you can fork through both sides of the fish and there’s no risk of it falling off from can to mouth.

Tongue: This probably isn’t a good introductory sardine for most. You are eating and tasting the fish. The smoke highlights it and lifts it a bit. A touch salty which brings the fish forward even more. There is no other seasoning in the can.

Mouth Feel: The soybean oil helps me on the mouth feel as well as feeling full. A 150 calorie lunch only goes so far. They also don’t clean up this fish for those with delicate sensibilities so you get the complete sensory experience, which is nice.

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