Chicken of the Sea Sardines in Mustard Sauce

New and Improved Quality, it says!

Country: Packed in Poland
Calories: 130

Nose: Vinegar! I mean, it says mustard on the can so you expect a bit of mustard but this is Vinegar!

Eye: Splat! The machine splats some mustard in there. It’s Chicken of the Sea, decidedly mass produced/canned sardines so I’m not expecting hipster-y delicate touches. But maybe you can tune the machine to do more than just Splat! the mustard.


Fork Feel: These were good swimmers. Firm fish. They feel a bit dry however.

Tongue: I’m not a mustard guy. I put ketchup on my hotdogs. But this isn’t too bad. It’s vinegary but the mustard does come through. And neither overpower the fish.

Mouth Feel: Dry. Maybe the mustard/vinegar dried them out. Do mustard people like dry things?

I love a dangling spine!

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