King Oscar Wild Caught Sardines Mediterranean Style

I like how “Wild Caught” is in a “Wild” script.

Country: Packed in Poland (something I’ll avoid in life)
Calories: 260

Nose: I’m a bit stuffy today so I’m not getting much. I think even with a clear nose, it’s underwhelming.

Eye: Oh so pretty when you pop it. Black olives piled on top with a tapenade of crushed/diced bits of other Mediterranean bits below it. Skin, fins and bones all lined up in pretty little rows.

I feel pretty, oh, so pretty!

Fork Feel: Nice.

Tongue: For a canned meal this is seasoned well. Lots of bits of seasoning are left in the bottom of the can when I was done. They weren’t stingy.

Mouth Feel: I think the only honest way to eat a sardine is with skin, with fin and with bones. It’s the whole textural and flavor package.

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