Season Brand Sardine Fillets in Lemon Garlic Sauce Salt Added

Country: Morocco
Calories: 182

Nose: Although I don’t see any bits of either, it’s more lemony smelling and not a bit garlicly.

Eye: I came across a piece of lemon (tasteless) but the color of the fish was a touch yellowish which is nice when you see a fish labeled lemon.

Lemon gives it a yellowy cast. I like it.

Fork Feel: Perfect for me. Yielding but stays whole up to my mouth.

Tongue: It’s neither overpowering in garlic or lemon but a very nice, understated balance of both flavors and the original sardine flavor. They don’t try to cover up the glorious fish. That’s nice.

Mouth Feel: A bit soft in the mouth but I think that’s justified with the lemon doing it’s citric acid dance on the fish flesh. The olive oil, as olive oil does, brings it together nicely.

A ate the big slice of lemon before taking a picture.

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