December’s Poems-End of the year of poetry.

This is it. The last month of poetry I read in 2018. I started a poetry noob and finished up a poetry lover….well, a lover of some poetry. Wallace Stevens is still a hard nut to crack for me.

This month I took is easy with some Blake and other more accessible poetry but not necessarily simpler poetry. It’s all in how you read it, I guess.

I’ve already started next years’s project – Tolstoy. It may just be War and Peace or it may also include Anna K. W&P has 360 chapters so that seems like a nice one year goal – but the chapters are so short…..

December 1, 2018The Little Boy LostWilliam BlakeI like these bookmatched poems.
December 2, 2018The Little Boy FoundWilliam BlakeEven though in “experience” it’s sweetly childlike.
December 3, 2018Infant JoyWilliam BlakeI see the “joy” with kids 20 years behind me.
December 4, 2018Infant SorryWilliam BlakeBut I remember this. The worry.
December 5, 2018August 1968W.H. AudenSimple like a knife in the gut.
December 6, 2018Lessons of DarknessClive JamesA poem to keep around for a while.
December 7, 2018Flanders FieldsJohn McCraeThe final stanza isn’t my favorite.
December 8, 2018If I Can Stop One Heart From BreakingEmily DickinsonSImply, direct, brilliant, American. Dickinson
December 9, 2018In the Bleak MidwinterChristina RossettiA nice christmas poem that’s not done to death.
December 10, 2018Mad Girls Love SongSylvia PlathShe leaves me cold.
December 11, 2018He Wishes for the clothes of heavenWilliam Butler YeatsI like these simple, intense poems.
December 12, 2018Caged BirdMaya AngelouI enjoyed more than I thought. Quibbles but only quibbles.
December 13, 2018Tell All The Truth But Tell It SlantEmily DickinsonShe is gloriously good.
December 14, 2018Sonnet 30William ShakespeareIt’s a hit!
December 15, 2018When I Am Dead, My DearestChristina RossettiNow my favorite Rossetti.
December 16, 2018The FlyWilliam BlakeI need to buy this collection and give it.
December 17, 2018General Review of the Sex SituationDorothy ParkerIs this trite? True?
December 18, 2018When I Was One and TwentyA.E. HousmanAnd not just 21 either. Ugh.
December 19, 2018To A Poor Old WomanWilliam Carlos WilliamsNot as powerful to me as his others.
December 20, 2018A Visit from St. NicholasClement Clarke MooreIt’s almost Christmas!
December 21, 2018Neither Out Far Nor In DeepRobert FrostI may have to come back to Frost again.
December 22, 2018The Author to Her BookAnne BradstreetMaybe a preface to my next novel.
December 23, 2018Cradle SongWIlliam BlakeBlake…he’s another poem by the same name. Again.
December 24, 2018The Fire of DriftwoodHenry Wadsworth LongfellowI like the practicalness of Longfellow’s poems.
December 25, 2018The Flea John DonneKind of gross.
December 26, 2018Inaugural PoemAngelouI don’t hate this.
December 27, 2018Tonight I can Write the Saddest LinesPablo NerudaLovely.
December 28, 2018Provide, ProvideRobert FrostOr don’t give a damn about people’s opinions.
December 29, 2018The Tide Rises the Tide FallsHenry Wadsworth LongfellowI really like this one. Maybe finish with the accessible hits.
December 30, 2018A Daughter of EveChristina RossettiA warning we can all take.
December 31, 2018Glory of WomenSiegfried SassoonEnd this project how I began it. With a gut punch war poet.
Extras I readFrom The Very First Coming DownW.H. AudenLIke a coded/vieled message to a lover.
Extras I readSpainW.H. AudenEh, politics but I like the contrast of “Yesterday….But to-day the struggle.” bits
Extras I readSeptember 1, 1939W.H. AudenI really like the last stanza, a personal motto maybe?
Extras I readThis Lunar BeautyW.H. AudenThis left me cold as the moon. (rimshot)
Extras I readLullabyW.H. AudenWent over my head. Which makes me feel dumb. I’ll read more about it.
Extras I readIn Memory of Sigmund FreudW.H. AudenAuden is good at these Elegies. I like.
Extras I readIn Praise of LimestoneW.H. AudenSupposedly one of his best to lacks grace to me.
Extras I readThe MapElizabeth BishopAnother impersonal word-salad modernist poem. Ugh.
Extras I readThe Gentleman of ShalottElizabeth BishopSometimes I find these modernist poems insulting? Is that me or the poem?

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