Season Brand Sardine Fillets in SWEET & TANGY Spanish Style Sauce Salt Added.

I’m not sure they could squeeze much more onto this package.

Country: Morocco
Calories: 186

Nose: I wouldn’t say sweet like the package says but aromatic and light smelling wave hits you nose after popping the top.

Eye: Very pale. Yes, I know it’s fish but again, no skin bugs me.  Except for a sad looking grey oregano leaf wilted and drained of color and flavor floating on top.

Fork Feel Positive!

Fork Feel: Oh, very nice. Firm but not as hard as the can of the same brand from a couple days ago. And all the skin is facing the bottom. Maybe folks don’t appreciate seeing the skin. The visual is better once you mix it up.

Tongue: I think it’s the cloves that really bring out the unique and nice flavor of this can. I really like it. The label says sweet – it is. Tangy? Not so much. However, I do think it would be accessible for the first time sardiner.

I had to look up Bishul Yisroel….now I know.

Mouth Feel: Firm but flaky. I wonder how much is the packing/manufacture versus the pil/flavor mixture. Or the fish itself.

Fishy was swimming in the Atlantic will soon be swimming in my belly.

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