My Daily Zen Items

I am a man of routine. Regimented. This is not a good thing but it’s how I’m built. I think it comes from a childhood of feeling in/un-secure so having something consistent to grasp onto is comforting. To that end, if I don’t do the following things each day, my day feels very off.

Journal – I do a verson of the 5 minute journal I’ve adapted for online use.
German – usually about 15 minutes a day using Duolingo. Last year was french, next year will be Italian in preparation for a trip there.
Read Poetry – or fiction in years past. For the past few years I’ve had an annual reading project. Poetry is this years.
Read Philosophy/Buddhism – It’s good to contemplate the reason for this life. Usually about 15 minutes of reading a book on Stoicism or Buddhism, my two main interests.
Stretch – I have a normal stretch routine I do in the mornings. I got it from an article on helping to recover from a desk job.
Chess – I play on It’s a good barameter for how my mind is working – am I sharp, impatient, foggy, tired? No matter what I think, chess will tell me.
Meditate – 20 minutes at least with brief moments during the day at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. if I’m able. Usually guided using HeadSpace
Music – Some kind of music – lately it’s been the recorder…you know that instrument kids play in 5th grade. 15 minutes of practice a day.
Draw – this is more aspirational. I’m on again/off again with this but it bothers me every day that I don’t learn how to express myself with pen and paper.
Exercise – Mostly walking, but I’ve laid off lately but do try to be active at home…doing something.
Mail – check it  every day, go through it. Or else it turns into a big ugly pile.
Water-3 liters – Just drink it.

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