Thoughts on Oliver Twist

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a film adaptation of Oliver Twist.

So I assumed it was about a poor orphan making good int he work.
But I was wrong.

What Oliver Twist, the novel, is is a crime novel.

Oliver Twist, the character, just serves as the McGuffin for the story of the London underworld.

Oliver isn’t much of a protagonist. He just hopes around being cheery and sometimes pitiful. The most gumption he offers up is asking for me. And that’s in the first few pages of the book!

The action is really with Monks, Fagin, the Dodger, Bill Sykes and the dreadfully done murder of Nancy. And that bit about the suicidal dog!?!?

I’ve a giant biography of Dickens sitting on my bookshelf at home that I’ll get to reading sometime and there I’ll try to figure out why Oliver is not only the title character but even in the book.

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