Thoughts on A Tale of Two Cities

So I have been fearful of Dickens. At some point I tried him and became intimidated.

Then a couple Christmases again I read the Carol and this year decided that if I could do Tolkien and Austen, I could do Dickens.

Am was pleasantly surprised.

I started A Tale in December thinking I’d just wet my toe in him before making my 2017 reading plan ‘official’ but within a few days I was 25% done and on my way.

Why I thought it was going to be a tale of geopolitical intrigue, I’ve no idea. Why I thought the language difficult, no idea. Archaic in some spots but with a Kindle app to refer to, not difficult.

The overall impression I got from the book was how amazingly plotted it was. There’s not a scene or character in the book that doesn’t figure in the climax and ending in some way. There’s no waste whatsoever. I’ve read supposedly complicated spy and crime fiction that wasn’t tied together so closely.

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