First time getting some honey

So I’m in my third year of beekeeping. Honey was never an objective. Helping the bees and learning was. Also, I found that they assisted in helping me focus and getting into a Zen state that made meditation easier.

However, it’s good to finally get some of the sweet stuff.

Gamma Hive still had the old chop and cropped Lang frames that I put in last spring (2012). Earlier this year I moved them into the rear of the hive thinking they’d let the brood in them hatch and then start packing it with honey. They packed it with some honey but the queen kept laying brood. I hate those Lang frames. For one, they’re not the all natural I’m looking for. Second, they rigged up nature of it leaves lots of holes the bees have to defend.

So I took them. They weren’t happy about it but I finally got that going. I brought them home and cut out the honey part of the comb as best I could. I left the uncured honey and pollen sections out for the bees to clean up and put some of the brood comb in struggling Beta Hive.

Then I processed honey. It went well. I crushed up the comb and laid it in a regular kitchen collander with some cheese cloth laid in it overtop a bucket. Gravity did the rest. Setting it outside on a hot day helped. I did two more strains.

The resulting honey looks like caramel. I believe it’s full of bubbles but mostly it’s winter honey and it’s full of pollen and propolis…all the good stuff store bought honey cooks out. I’m hoping it clears a bit but mostly it tastes like a nice multi-layered honey. I prefer more floral tastes in my honey but this is good.

Oh, and I learned I can’t judge worth a darn. I thought I might get half a cup out of the combs when I pulled them. Honey, again, wasn’t the goal. What I got was about half a gallon. Not bad.

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