Rocky Mountain Busted

The Rocky Mountain News is dead so I’ll offer up some advice I’ve given before.

If you’re a struggling business:  Return phone calls.

There’s been millions of navel gazing words written about the death of traditinal print media at the hands of the interwebs and television, but I would like to offer up another suspect…the newspapers themselves.

First, American newspapers are boring.  Read a single article by any of the UK papers and you’ll see what I mean.

But I think another reason would be that in my few years writing for various publications, the folks at those pubs just don’t return phone calls…unless it’s something they want NOW!  They must teach this is J-school because I’ve found it at local magazines and national.  I’ve found it at various newspapers.

It’s not that people decide to not buy the paper because some editor didn’t return their phone call, but it shows that the folks at the papers have an attitude that is extraordinarily self centered with little consideration given for others.

I’ve called a few people on it (usually whent hey finally return a phone call needing me to do some quick work).  I’m given the excuse that they are always busy, always on a deadline.  Yeah, join the rest of the world chump.  If you want some always busy, always on a deadline, try the world of self-employment.

Hey guys, your market share is shrinking.  You’re going to be out of a job someday so you might as well be – at a minimum – courteous to folks who may someday be able to help you get a job.

But don’t expect me to return your call before that unemployment runs out.

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