Pen and Pencil Sets

They really should be pen and pen sets.

What grown up uses a pencil anymore.  Draftsmen use computers.  No one gets penciled in.  What with personal organizers everyone is digitized in.  Does anyone besides school kids use pencils for math anymore?

My father gave me a pen and pencil set for Christmas.  It’s hand made – at least the wood is hand made.  He turned it on a lathe.  That’s the way to say “turning it”.  Very fancy.  Looks good.  Writes well.  Clients ask about it.

Any way, I thought I lost the pen yesterday.  It was found on my dresser.  I’ve lost the pen to every pen and pencil set I’ve gotten – for high school graduation, for college graduation, for a promotion.  The pencils however remained because they aren’t used.

I had decided to start carrying fancy pen again because I haven’t lost the Swiss Army knife or lighter I’ve been carrying for the last year.  I thought I was grown up enough to now carry a pen without losing it.  So far so good.

But scratch the pencil and make it a pen and pen set because I’m not going to use the pencil and – if I’m still irresponsible – I’ll lose the pen soon enough so may as well make it a pen and pen set so the gift last twice as long.

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