New Year’s Resolutions

So far I’m keeping them.  I have a few – but only two that I’ll make public.

The first was to be more well read.  On a nightstand In the bedroom where my wife and I sleep when we stay with my father-in-law is a door stop of a biography of Charles Dickens.  It seems to have gone out of print.  For the last several years it has sat there giving me a Emile Zola-esque J’accuse.  You see, I call myself a writer – but I’ve never read a word of Dickens.

So my goal was to spend the year reading a few Dicken’s novels.  On Jan. 2 I picked up Oliver Twist from the library.

In a twist of it’s own, Dickens has helped me with my second public resolution – to get more sleep.

Chapter Four of Twist – where in the Beadle and the undertaker, Mr. Sowerberry, discuss where Mr. Sowerberry should take Oliver – is better than a cocktail or any pill in getting a 21st century guy to sleep.

Hope your resolutions are working out just as well.

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